HR: High-resolution Series of transducers are highly damped and recommended for applications where enhanced axial and near-surface resolution are more important. Generally includes thickness measurement and near-surface flaw detection. HR series have less sensitivity than the GP or C series with -6db frequency bandwidth of 50-100% range.

GP: General Purpose Series of transducers are recommended for most applications and have a good trade-off between sensitivity and resolution. They have a medium frequency bandwidth of 30-60% at -6db but with more ring-down cycles in the waveform. 

C: Composite (Piezocomposite) Series of transducers have superior sensitivity and penetration especially in highly-attenuative materials. C Series have both higher resolution, sensitivity, and have wide bandwidth (60-120% at -6db) due to the lower acoustic impedance of the material. They couple more efficiently into plastic wedges, delay lines, and water. 

Phased-Array Transducer Connector Types

SNI can build any phased-array transducer with: