Pipeline Integrity


Due to PHMSA 49CFR191 and 49CRF192 more stringent regulation on transmission and distribution inspection and monitoring


Asset integrity post pigging/ILI examinations … <300F

  • During Direct Assessment (DA), operator must make the decision to “bury and hope” or immediate fix/repair based on wall-thickness
  • Operator elected for 3rd option – to monitor – to learn if pitting was episodic or growing and if so, at what rate

Product Used

  • smartPIMS Modbus configuration with 8 dual element probes permanently attached to monitor all localized corrosion “low spots” as identified by masses screening.
  • smartPIMS systems are completely buried after DA is complete
  • Operator will send personnel to defined locations quarterly to collect data with tablet


Operator was able to continue normal pigging/ILI inspection intervals and have access to buried asset information without excavation while remaining in PHMSA compliance.