Pipeline Integrity – Liquid Line


Operator performed ILI using a smart pig to inspect a segment of their crude oil pipeline. The ILI report showed a number of pits which were not present the last time the ILI was completed. The operator wanted to know if the pits were episodic in nature or were growing (and if so, at what rate).


Asset integrity post inspection

  • ILI run was performed, DA is executed, inspection company manually scanned and marked pits, SNI installed probes on exact pits called out by inspection

Product Used

smartPIMS Modbus configuration with 8 dual element probes permanently attached to monitor pits

  • smartPIMS systems are completely buried after DA is complete
  • Operator will send personnel to defined locations quarterly to collect data with tablet


Operator did NOT have to fix/repair, kept line running and continue normal ILI inspection intervals