Pipeline Corrosion Monitoring


Customer installed new pipeline to feed untreated water to their refinery instead of treated water which would save approximately $600,000,000 per month. The new pipeline needed to be monitored in the areas where the pipe was internally uncoated next to welded joints. Each of the 16 points were then environmentally sealed and buried.


Four weld joints each with 4 sensors placed 2:00, 5:00, 7:00, and 11:00 and then buried

  • 36 inches sch. 10 pipe, <100F
  • Locations scattered along 50 feet of excavated pipe

Product Used

  • smartPIMS Modbus configuration with tablet for collection
  • DSI housed inside stainless enclosure with cable inside
  • Sensors are re-insulated and buried after installation
  • Operator will send personnel to defined locations quarterly to collect data with tablet


Customer saved estimated approximately $600,000,000 per month. by not having to fix/repair or perform more frequent ILI by instead monitoring low spots until critical level is exceeded