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Installed Sensor Data Sheets

SNI’s PIMS* Family of INSTALLED SENSOR Products: 8 Data Sheets at-a-glance

Transducers UT Transducers for SNI’s family of Installed Sensor Systems
webPIMS Cloud-based Web Portal for all SNI Installed Sensor Systems
smartPIMS Datalogger Battery-powered smartPIMS Transmitter with on-board data logger
smartPIMS Cellular Battery-powered smartPIMS Transmitter with cellular connection to the web
microPIMS Wireless, battery-powered, non-intrusive thickness measurement
matPIMS Multi-point, area coverage sensor nodes with Modbus network connection
smartPIMS Modbus Single or daisy-chained (up to 16) transmitters with Modbus network connection
iPIMS (coming 11/18) In-the-fence, local and private HW/SW for IS data management