Crude Tower & Overhead Lines


Customer had defined areas located on and around the crude tower & overhead lines (vessels & piping) when they wanted to monitor. Installed on new piping as previous assets failed earlier than operations team expected. Non-invasive UT probes were installed at strategic monitoring locations to identify areas which previously or were likely to experience wall thinning.


  • 12”-26” lines & 120” vessel, operating at <300F
  • All new piping & vessel

Product Used

smartPIMS cellular w/ dual element probes

  • 3 smartPIMS cellular systems (2 w/ 8, 1 w/ 5 probes)
  • Monitoring interval: reading once/day
  • 16 sensors installed permanently, 5 temporarily
  • DSIs mounted on inside of i-beams or bolted to uni-strut


  • Monitoring of strategic locations found all but two areas which were experiencing thinning – changes made after 3 months to slow thinning