Simple Multi-Step Clamp and Sensor Installation

Sensor Networks is pleased to announce our new clamps for microPIMS monitoring systems. The new clamps are either band or magnetic and compatible with Ultra-High-Temp and Corrosion Dual microPIMS. The simple installation process allows for increased speed and safety when installing corrosion monitors in hazardous environments. Here are the steps for installation:

Step 1 – Clean and smooth the surface

Step 2 – Place clamp around pipe

Step 3 – Tighten the T-Bolt

Step 4 – Remove the probe cap and slide on the top bracket. Replace the cap to secure the bracket.

Step 5 – Place a drop of glycerin on the face of the probe

Step 6 – Place couplant foil on the face of the probe

Step 7 – Carefully lower the probe face into the bracket hole. Apply pressure so the couplant foil is squeezed between the probe and the pipe surface.

Step 8 – Tighten down the hex head bolts

Success! – Correct tightness can be evaluated by the quality of the signal, thickness, and temperature reading. Additional tightening may be required.

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Sensor Networks, Inc. has identified a problem in today’s world: when it comes to complex asset integrity, there are obstacles and challenges that you will face along the way. Where there are problems, innovative solutions should be created to fix them. With that basic mission in mind, Sensor Networks, Inc. was born.

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